Are your ACME couplings worn out? Here's how to check.

image of ACME wear gauges set

The ACME Wear Gauges Set measures the level of wear on coupling thread flanks so that worn couplings can be replaced before they reach an unsafe state. 

The set is designed and manufactured by KC ProSupply UK.

Protect yourself against unwelcome surprises

Most delivery operations use flexible LPG hoses which are connected to the tank by fittings with ACME thread. Unlike the hoses they are attached to, ACME couplings are not subject to regulatory control, even though they are the parts that suffer the most wear and punishment. Instead, they are often forgotten — until it is too late.

Do you have the controls in place to monitor their condition, and do you know when to change them?

It is not always easy to see when an ACME coupling needs to be replaced. To help you out, we have put together an ACME Wear Gauges Set. The set includes the tools needed to test ACME couplings of all common sizes, and it comes in a specially made hard case that ensures they suffer no damage in storage or transport. It even has a service report sheet to let you keep a record of your safety checks.

The way it works is simple: Try to screw the ACME coupling into the wear gauge. If the gauge enters or goes over the ACME thread, you need to order new couplings, because the ones you have just failed the safety check! Couplings wear progressively, meaning that the first thread wears quicker than the second and so on. When the gauge partially engages with the thread, it is an indication that the thread is nearing the end of its useful lifespan.

One leak is all it takes

When LPG is sitting in a tank, the chance of a significant leak is remote. However, when LPG is transferred using flexible hoses, it can lead to a potentially hazardous situation that, in exceptional circumstances could cause an uncontrolled release of gas.

Gas leaks don't happen often, but just one is a serious potential safety hazard that can be devastating for an LPG business and the people who work in it.  Naturally, it is in everyone's best interest to take every measure to prevent them.

Every operator should have a formal regular inspection regime in place to check their components. Thread wear is only one danger — splits, cracks, ovality and distortion must also be checked for.

The ACME Wear Gauges Set is available from all KC ProSupply centres. Give us a call and we would love to tell you more.