Helping an old friend deliver the right solutions

A. Silva Matos Metalomecânica, Portugal

The customer's challenge
ASMM delivered LPG tank solutions to 2 customers in Cape Verde and Angola, and both of them needed extra vaporisation.

Our solution
Taking each of ASMM's customers' unique situation into account, we found vaporisation solutions that gave them the optimal return on their investment.

The outcome
ASMM was able to add value to their customers by providing solutions that surpassed their expectations.

A. Silva Matos Metalomecânica’s customers needed to increase the vaporisation in their liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanks. Having worked together with KC ProSupply and MAKEEN Energy on many past projects, they turned to us for the solution – and we helped them deliver something that went beyond their customers’ expectations.

The partnership between us and A. Silva Matos Metalomecânica (ASMM) is nothing new. The renowned, quality-focused manufacturer of LPG tanks (among other things) has a history of working with KC ProSupply and MAKEEN Energy – sometimes as a customer, sometimes as a supplier. The partnership between our companies is highly important to both of us.

On two recent occasions, KC ProSupply took the role of supplier to ASMM, who was tasked with delivering LPG tanks to customers in Cape Verde and Angola. Both customers wanted to increase the capacity of their LPG storage by adding additional vaporisation to their tanks, but they had different thoughts about the best way to do it.

ASMM got in touch with KC ProSupply, and not only were we able to deliver what they wanted – we had an even better solution for their customers.

Outsmarting the energy grid

In Angola, ASMM had installed a total of 6 LPG tanks for a ceramics producer, all to be filled with butane. But even with that many tanks, their customer still needed more capacity in order to maintain 24-hour production. They wanted an electrical feedback vaporisation system to allow them to extract the full capacity of LPG from their tanks.

However, our specialist had a different suggestion. Since the electricity grid in that part of Angola is sometimes unreliable, it would be preferable to choose a direct-fired vaporiser with a pressure switch. Not only would this save ASMM’s customer money on the solution and installation, it would also lower their electrical bill and be easier to maintain. The customer accepted – and is very satisfied.

Pay a little more, save a lot

In Cape Verde, ASMM was working with Vivo Energy (Formerly Shell) to deliver 2 LPG tanks and a vaporisation unit to a 5-star hotel. The tanks’ own capacity would actually be sufficient most of the time, but during peak seasons, they needed a little extra vaporisation help.

Vivo Energy’s first instinct was to install feedback electrical vaporisers. However, after being contacted by ASMM, KC ProSupply’s specialist held an online meeting with them to explain and demonstrate the advantages of using dry electrical vaporisers with pressure switches.

The thing about dry electrical vaporisers in this case is that they are a little more costly up front – but this is heavily outweighed by the fact that they use less electricity, are easy to install and are extremely simple to maintain.

Vivo Energy was convinced, and they chose KC ProSupply’s solution. The installation took place in February 2021, with remote assistance from KC ProSupply, and everything worked perfectly.

“We had a very good cooperation with KC ProSupply. Not only in terms of selling and finding the best solution, but most importantly in the after-sales, with installation support and spare parts. They added value to the offers we made to our customers.”
João Pinto | Standard Products Manager, A.Silva Matos Metalomecânica

More than just a product

Our partnership with ASMM is a perfect example of a win-win situation. ASMM’s customers are happy to have the optimal solution that is tailored to their specific situation. ASMM is happy to have a satisfied customer. And we are happy to continue a great relationship with a valued partner. We look forward to many more projects together in the future!

What is a vaporiser?

A vaporiser is a device that turns a substance, in this case LPG, into vapour. Simply put, LPG enters the vaporiser as a liquid and exits as a gas.

One major benefit is that a vaporiser allows you to draw as much LPG as you need from the tank – even the 30% which are usually left at the bottom and can’t be vaporised solely by the natural heat transfer through the tank’s walls.

You can learn more about vaporisers in our e-book here.