If you are not using an ex-smartphone, you are missing out

image of smartphone

Regular phones have a small chance to produce a spark under the wrong conditions, which could ignite any flammable vapour present in the air. Ex-approved phones are intrinsically safe, meaning that they cannot produce a spark.

The IS520.1 is an industrial smartphone that can be used safely and reliably in Ex areas. With all the technology and features of a modern smartphone, combined with the robustness of an industrial product, it brings a level of utility to workers in the gas industry that might make you wonder how you ever went without it.

A tool for effective communication

Let's say you discover a problem with your gas equipment. Previously, you may have had to exit the Ex-zone, find a phone, and describe the issue to a technical supporter to the best of your ability (and memory) - an inefficient and time-consuming process. With an intrinsically safe smartphone, you can instead use video tools such as Facetime or Skype to instantly show the supporter your problem and work out a solution. It might even spare you a service visit, which saves you both time and money.

Workers can also send high-resolution photos and videos to each other without having to worry about compromising their safety, which makes it easier to spread awareness of pressing issues. Whether you need to alert others to a dangerous situation or you just need to pass along information, it is extremely helpful to have a safe, reliable smartphone on hand.

Tough phones for tough environments

Workers in the gas industry are often exposed to challenging conditions, so of course, their tools have to be up to the task. The IS520.1 has been drop-tested as well as tested against extreme temperatures, barometric pressure, humidity, and vibrations. It is water and dust resistant, and its robust touch screen can be used while wearing wet or dirty work gloves. In other words, go ahead and play rough with this smartphone - it can take it!

Included in the package you will also find an PROTECTOR USB cable, an EU charger, a quick start manual, and safety instructions.

If you have ever missed the freedom to communicate freely with photos, videos, phone calls, and instant messages in an Ex zone - or just to take a selfie in front of your gas equipment - the IS520.1 is the perfect solution for you.