The ultimate cost-saving device for LPG tank owners

The new ZIMMER

An LPG vaporizer lets you extract as much LPG as you want from a tank. Without it, as much as 30% of the LPG can get stuck in the bottom of the tank, unable to vaporise. The vaporiser means that you get the full benefit of your tank capacity – it is the ultimate cost-saving device! 

Algas-SDI has released an update of the ZIMMER  their popular LPG vaporiser that has maximised the profits of tank owners for over 15 years. It is smaller – or bigger. It is faster. It is easier. And it comes with a range of benefits that will make it your new best friend (We apologise to your previous best friends).

More capacities

With the previous version, you had very few options when it came to the size and capacity of your ZIMMER. It had one standard capacity of 40 kg LPG/hour, with the possibility to custom-build it down or up to 14–50 kg/h. If you needed more, you would have to add more vaporisers.

That is no longer necessary! In addition to the usual 40 kg/h model, you can now get the ZIMMER in four other standard capacities: 25, 50, 100 and 150 kg/h. The three smaller sizes all share the same dimensions, while the 100 and 150 models are about twice as long (190,5 cm or 75 inches).

Ideally suited for

Hotels and resorts Hotels & Resorts

Backup generators Backup generators

Hog & poultry barns Hog & poultry barns

Ski areas Ski areas

Restaurants Restaurants

Small-medium factories Small-medium factories

LOT installations LOT installations

Temporary heat Temporary heat

HVOF coatings HVOF coatings

Faster start up time

Faster start-up time – much faster

Algas-SDI has listened to the feedback of its users, and one major point of improvement has been to reduce the start-up time of the vaporiser. Actually, "reduce" might be an understatement. Whereas the old version in some cases had a start-up time of up to 45 minutes, the new ZIMMER is ready for action within less than 1 minute – now that is change you can feel!

Because of the lengthy start-up time, many propane and butane tank owners often chose to leave the vaporiser turned on, even during weekends and holidays. With the new ZIMMER, you can safely switch it off and cut down on your electricity bill, knowing that you can always switch it back on in an instant (almost).

Three-phase compatibility and easy maintenance

On top of the benefits mentioned above, a new feature of the larger ZIMMER models is their compatibility with three-phase power, which expands the range of voltages they can run on.

Its low maintenance requirements (and, therefore, costs) are second-to-none on the market, and the maintenance itself is as easy and simple as you can imagine, with removable end caps that provide easy access even without tools.

Finally, the new design makes it possible to change a faulty temperature sensor without having to vent gas first, which reduces harmful emissions.

All in all, the new ZIMMER is the safest, easiest and most reliable vaporiser you can get – not to mention one of the most affordable. Contact KC ProSupply today, and start reaping the benefits of this reborn classic.

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