The easiest way to loosen overtightened valves

image of KC ProSupply's Pressure Relief Valve Cracking Tool
  • Loosens stubborn valves without moving the check device
  • Easy to use, even in underground tanks
  • No damage to valve or check device
  • Available for most commonly used valves

Have you ever wanted to remove a pressure relief valve from your gas tank, only to find out that it was stuck or that you lacked the necessary room to move your spanners? We have, and it's beyond frustrating - even dangerous in some cases. That's why we invented the relief valve cracking tool.

This tool offers a safe and convenient way to loosen relief valves from a check device in a tank without damaging any of the parts involved. Fit it over the valve and check device, tighten the nut, and the valve will loosen.

Why won't it budge?

The traditional way to loosen a relief valve from a check device involves using two spanners: one to unscrew the valve, and one to hold the check device in place. In an underground tank with limited space, this is close to impossible. Furthermore, some tank suppliers connect the valve and check device, then screw them into the tank together using the flats on the relief valve. The result of this is an over-tightened connection that takes almost superhuman strength to separate. Even if you do manage to force it open, there is a risk of accidentally turning the check valve and causing a leak.

An easy solution                             

The relief valve cracking tool handily solves all of these problems. All it requires is an 18 mm ratchet spanner to allow you to remove even the most stubborn valves with no risk of leaks. We have cracking tools available for all common relief valve and check device combinations, and some even fit a wide range of combinations.

Loosening the valve is only the first step of relief valve exchange! Once the cracking tool has done its job, we recommend that you use the Safeswap to safely remove the valve entirely.

Instruction manual: Pressure relief valve cracking tool

Our illustrated manual gives you detailed step-by-step instructions about how to use the cracking tool.

Download here

Product sheet: Pressure relief valve cracking tool

Download this sheet for a simple one-page description of the cracking tool, as well as an overview of available sizes.

Download here