If you're sick of corrosion, switch to these flexible plastic LPG pipes

  • Easy to install
  • No corrosion
  • On-site length adjustment
  • Minimum pressure drop
  • Low maintenance

Gone are the days of having to check the corrosion levels and x-raying the welding on your underground steel pipes. Thermoflex LPG pipes eliminate all these drudgeries and pack an array of advantages to boot. And yes, they are available at your nearest KC ProSupply centre in three standard sizes - DN20, 25 and 32.

Strong and efficient

Thermoflex is a series of flexible thermoplastic pipes for the transport of LPG. But wait, isn't plastic bad because it stretches and bends under pressure? Not Thermoflex. Thanks to aramid fibre reinforcement, which is also found in bullet proof vests, Thermoflex offers excellent strength (up to 35 bar) and creep properties. Furthermore, since plastic is roughly 100 times smoother than steel, you get the same flow results with a smaller pipe diameter. And as we all know, plastic does not corrode like steel. One less thing to worry about.

Installation made easy

Installing Thermoflex pipes is a breeze compared to traditional steel piping. The piping is delivered on disposable reels with a standard length of 200m (or more if requested) and is installed in continuous runs with no buried, inaccessible joints. One of the great benefits is the ease of assembly of the end connectors. This is done by crimping the ends to the pipe rather than by welding or mechanical connectors, meaning that installation is a matter of hours instead of days, and the associated costs are significantly lower. KC ProSupply carries threaded and flanged crimping fittings for all Thermoflex pipe sizes.

Long lifespan

Of course, your pipes don't just have to be strong, safe and economical. They also have to last. Luckily, Thermoflex pipes have an expected lifetime of 30 years, so you can rest assured that you will not have to invest in new pipes anytime soon.

Due to fire safety concerns, Thermoflex pipes must be buried underground, with steel protection pipes encasing them where they emerge from the ground. Thermoflex can be buried directly in a trench or encased in a polyethylene duct.

Please do not hesitate to contact your nearest KC ProSupply centre, and together we will find out whether Thermoflex LPG pipes are the right solution for you.