Cryogenic valves

Flow control, throttling, shut-on or off, back flow prevention, safety and efficiency are some of the benefits these valves can contribute with. Only supplying high quality products, ProSupply guarantees the valves meet all your application requirements.

Swing check valves (brass)

These valves get their unique name from using a swinging disc to restrict flow to only one direction, activated by fluid flow in the pipeline. Highly suited for medium velocity/high flow uses.

Plunger check valves

Prevents reversed operation for compressors etc. during power loss. They are designed to prevent backflow of fluids and are commonly used on cryogenic bulk stations and pipelines.

Spring check valves

Small-framed, high-pressure tolerance check valves. Suitable for horizontal in-line installation, after a pump, to prevent damage from reversed transmission of pressure and flow.

Cryogenic valves

Multi-purpose valves are perfect for all applications as they are available in many functionalities. In-line shut-off, vent, hose drain or liquid fill are some of those functionalities.

Fill manifolds

A cost-efficient and system optimising combination of liquid supply and return to minimise welding requirements, maintenance, replacement costs and time spent on installation.

Diverter valves

Enables change of relief valve without evacuating the contents of a cryogenic vessel. They also provide overpressure protection of storage vessels for increased safety.