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The office is in Denmark, but KC ProSupply BIRODAN is responsible for sales in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, South-East Asia and Oceania.

As the Danish branch of KC ProSupply, BIRODAN is an expert distributor of equipment and components for industrial gases, natural gas, fluorinated gases and anhydrous ammonia, as well as products for burners, boilers and heat exchangers. Our selection of gauges, thermostats, thermometers and manometers can also be used within many other business segments.

Our history

We have been in the gas business since we started out in the 1960’s under the name BIRO. Since then, we have changed our name, moved from Copenhagen to Randers, from Randers to Aarhus, and we are now back in Randers at the headquarters of our mother company, MAKEEN Energy. In 2012, we became a founding member of KC ProSupply. 

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Alsvej 21
8940 Randers SV

Tel: +45 8644 8734
Fax: +45 8644 8735
E-mail:  /

VAT No. 27184979

Who are we?

Anders Dahl Jørgensen

Senior Technical Sales Manager

Tlf.: +45 86 44 87 32

Tove Kristensen

Sales Coordinator

Tlf.: +45 86 44 87 34

Amar Al-Karradi

Sales Engineer

Tlf.: +45 87 40 30 63

Sales Engineer

Tlf.: +45 20 75 07 11

Anne Yun Madsen

Sales Coordinator

Tlf.: +45 87 40 30 47

Kristine Skyt

Accounting Assistant

Tlf.: +45 87 40 30 55