Gas valves for LPG service

Gas valves come in many shapes and sizes, with different functions and roles in a gas system. Common to them all is that they allow you to control the flow, pressure and direction of liquid and/or vapour.

We do our best to keep up with the ever expanding and innovative market of gas valves for LPG. The selection spans over mechanical, digital and electromechanical gas valves to suit all LPG related purposes and applications. Whether it is pressure control, bypassing, shut-off, excess flow check, pressure relief or multi valves that is needed, this is the place to find them. 

Ball valves

Operated by a simple 90˚ turn of a lever, ball valves can either fully permit or restrict flow. They are simple and fast acting valves for on/off operations.

Bypass valves

Protect your pumps and other components from damage by a build-up of overpressure. Bypass valves minimise wear on other pipe units and ensure easy maintenance.


On large stationary tanks with flanged connections, multiport manifold valves enable maintenance of relief valves without evacuating the contents of the vessel.

Multi valves

Essentially a body containing many valves and functionalities, multi valves are specifically designed to fit in ASME containers with a single opening.

Needle valves

By allowing users to accurately control the flow and pressure of vapour and liquids, needle valves protect delicate gauges in pipework from pressure surge damage.

Shear valves

Also known as fire and crash valves, shear valves provide a critical, bi-directional shut-off safety function for autogas dispensers in case of impact or dislodgement.

Solenoid valves

These electromechanical safety devices control the gas supply to appliances and pipework. Typically installed in pumping equipment, metering units, filling systems and tanks.

Vent valves

Designed to bleed off trapped liquid and help indicate when a tank is filled to its maximum capacity. Often used together with globe and angle valves.