LPG equipment and components

Liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, is usually a mixture of butane and propane. It is one of the most popular fuel gases in the world, used for cooking, heating, cooling, car fuel (autogas), power generation, weed burning and many other things. 

On this page, you can find all the gas equipment for LPG that you need. Whether you are on the lookout for an LPG compressor, LPG couplings, gas detectors, LPG instrumentation devices, storage tanks, valves or any other LPG product, KC ProSupply can supply you with all the LPG equipment for your project.

And if you cannot find your ideal LPG products on this page, do not hesitate to contact us, and we can help you out.   


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When LPG is used in as fuel for vehicles, we call it Autogas - a fuel that is better for air quality than its conventional counterparts. Here you can find all our equipment for Autogas fuelling stations.


Need to move LPG from one place to another? For tank-to-tank transfer of propane and butane, a compressor is an invaluable tool. Here you can find everything for LPG transfers by compression.


To join two parts together, couplings are essential, and they come in a variety of shapes and types. They are excellent safety enhancing devices for LPG applications.


Preventing debris and other contaminants from entering into LPG systems is important to sustain functionality of the equipment that would otherwise be prone to disintegrate.


Do you smell that? No, and that is why it is crucial to install the proper gas sensory system to ensure safe operation and consumption. We can also help you select the right type and placement.


Don't leave hoses tangled up in a mess or left on the ground, exposed to external wear. Hose reels are great for securing unemployed hoses properly to extend their lifespan.


LPG transfer hoses are available in rubber, stainless steel and composite - suitable for a variety of applications and requirements. You can see our different LPG hoses here.


Devices such as gauges, switches, transmitters, and bypass level indicators all assist in maintaining the desired conditions and instate process safety. See our selection here.


Loading and unloading of LPG tankers can be simplified and optimised by the use of loading arms. They make for efficient loading/unloading of LPG and reduced occupational hazard.


The variety of meters on the market today enables keeping track of in and outflow of LPG in tanks and vehicles. For simplified monitoring of both vapour and liquid consumption - see our selection here.


For both safety's and efficiency's sake, it's crucial to maintain a constant, appropriate pressure in an LPG system. This is our collection of products for regulation of pressure in LPG applications.


Pumps make sure that LPG is safely distributed throughout the entire transferring process and allow for underground tanks to have their content pumped above ground for usage.


Tanks for storing LPG are stronger than other tanks due to the increased pressure the gas is exposed to, to remain in a liquid state. See our LPG storage selection here.


Valves to meet all requirements for LPG systems: whether it is pressure control, bypassing, shut-off, excess flow check, pressure relief or multi valves, this is the place to find them.


A vaporiser allows you to draw as much LPG as you need from the tank – even the up to 30% which can’t be vaporised solely by the natural heat transfer through the tank’s walls.


Stay on top of your LPG site, no matter where you are. Our selection of solutions for smart telemetry solutions are applicable to both LPG tanks and LPG cylinders.


Added features to assist or improve LPG systems - accessories for LPG applications add additional benefits that are not crucial to the process but improve the operational experience.