Products sheets

Our product sheets provide you with information about specific products in our portfolio. On these one-page publications, you will find descriptions and specifications for some of the products designed and manufactured by KC ProSupply.

These are just a few selected products - not a comprehensive overview of our selection. 

image of KCProSupply'sSafeswap

Product sheet: SafeSwap

You will never have to worry about accidental valve ejections again. By eliminating the risk of human error, the SafeSwap ensures that the process of exchanging pressure relief valves goes smoothly and safely every time. See how it works.

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image of KC ProSupply's pressure Relief Valve Cracking Tool

Product sheet: Pressure relief valve cracking tool

Tired of overly tightened valves and the safety risk they pose? Or do you find it bothersome to unscrew valves from hard-to-reach underground tanks where it is almost impossible to use a pair of spanners? Then this tool is for you.  See how it works.

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image of smartphone

Product sheet: smartphone IS520.1

Safety regulations in Ex-zones prohibit the use of traditional mobile phones. The IS520.1 is an intrinsically safe industrial smartphone that is approved for use in hazardous areas, giving you the freedom to use your phone wherever you go.

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image of HP600 Hand Pump

Product sheet: HP600 Hand Pump

Efficient and durable, the HP600 hand pump is the ideal LPG pump for projects in remote areas without power supply. Furthermore, it is an effective backup in case your electric pumps suddenly fail.

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image of GEM Compressor

Product sheet: GEM Compressor

The last thing you need is for your compressor to fail halfway through and prolong the procedure. That is why we have created a portable compressor that is as reliable, cost-efficient and safe as it is effective: The GEM.

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image of ACME Wear Gauges

Product sheet: ACME Wear Gauges

Excessively worn ACME connectors may lead to coupling failure during the transfer of gas. KC ProSupply's wear gauges were developed to help reduce risk by accurately measuring the degree of wear on ACME couplings.

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image of Second Sun

Product sheet: Second Sun™ flameless catalytic tank heater

Algas SDI's flameless catalytic tank heater, SECOND SUN™, is designed to safely and efficiently boost natural vaporization in propane, LPG, and anhydrous ammonia storage tanks and to simply produce heat.

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image of Off-grid LPG Filling system

Product sheet: Off-grid LPG filling system

No power? No problem. With our off-grid solutions, you can start filling anywhere in a short time with a minimal investment - a great way to get closer to the consumer in areas with limited access to power.

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image of LEAKFiNDER

Product sheet: LEAKFiNDER™

KC ProSupply's leak detection spray LEAKFiNDER™ makes it easy to locate leaks in all kinds of piping systems. The LEAKFiNDER™ is a fast and reliable way to ensure that your gas installations are tight and secure.

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image of shut-off device

Product sheet: GasStop

GasStop is an emergency 100% shut-off device for bottled gas systems. In the event of a major leak, GasStop will instantly and automatically shut-off the flow of gas – an autonomous must-have safety device.

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image of composite cylinders

Product sheet: Composite cylinders

There are many advantages to composite cylinders. Low weight, no rust, and extensive customization options are just a few of them. Did we mention that they are explosion proof in fire?

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image of press relief valve

Product sheet: Pressure relief valves and check devices

Designed for use as primary relief valve on above ground domestic and small industrial bulk LPG containers. When used in conjunction with a check device permits the exchange of the relief valve without the necessity of evacuating the container.

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image of Odorant delivery system

Product sheet: Odorant delivery system

KC ProSupply took an Extevent odorant delivery system and combined it with Kosan Crisplant's CUC software. The result is an efficient, competitive solution with excellent monitoring capabilities.

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